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Discover ways to get the most out of your smart lighting.

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Imagine unlimited possibilities in your smart home. Set scenes and fast effects to your mood.

Experience Dance Sensation in your entertainment area with Philips Hue Entertainment. Enjoy a more colorful ambiance on your IKEA TRADFRI gateway¹.

Feel more in control with schedules and automation from sunrise to sunset. Widgets, Shortcuts, Quick setting tiles, and Wear OS² help you get more out of your smart lights.

Control multiple bridges simultaneously without switching between them.

Scenes & effects

Create the perfect ambiance from your photos or the included photo library. Experience special animations like lava, fireplace, fireworks, or lightning.

Wake up at sunrise and go to sleep at sunset with fading lights.

Get into the party on the beats of your music. Sync your lights for a night of disco with strobe effects (updates 25 times/sec).

Quick access

Create rooms and groups to organize your lights. You can even put a light in several groups. Place widgets for temperature sensors, easy control of lights, setting color and brightness without opening of the app.

Add shortcuts to your home screen for quick opening of your room. Control your lights through an optional notification in the notification panel.³

Smart lights & controls

The unique ‘Touchlink’ search allows you to find new (3rd party, Zigbee) lights. Use included wizards for easy setup of your devices.

You can set scenes, actions, or even multiple scenes on a button to make your switch a real investment. Experience the right ambiance during different times of your day with your motion sensor. All of your creations are stored on the bridge. Easy for you and your family.

Supported devices

All about your devices

Hue Essentials can connect multiple bridges or Philips Hue Bluetooth lights. Most Zigbee bridges support Zigbee lights from different manufacturers.

The Philips Hue bridges (generation 1 and 2) by Signify are fully supported in Hue Essentials. The latest generation supports Philips Hue Entertainment with the fastest effects possible. Simply a wonderful solution!

The Bluetooth lights by Signify do not require a bridge and can be connected directly to Hue Essentials. For more features you can purchase the bridge of course.

Get your IKEA TRÅDFRI connected in Hue Essentials to get the most out of the HomeSmart gateway. You can connect this Gateway directly in Hue Essentials and you do not need another bridge. The Gateway in Hue Essentials allows for more colors than the original app by IKEA. You can even connect your blinds by IKEA.

The ConBee II USB-dongle or RaspBee solutions by dresden elektronik are simply the best for advanced users. You can get so much more out of your lights and have plenty of configuration options. Almost all types of Zigbee devices can be connected or configured in their software. Amazing to see how your devices are connected in the mesh network.

If you are a real DIY enthousiast, then the diyHue solution is highly recommended. Just have a look on their site at the endless options from building your own lights to existing lights. The diyHue emulator, which emulates a Hue bridge, can manage Zigbee lights, Mi-Light bulbs, ESP8266 and much more. It connects to your other bridges and shows them as one bridge. Is that not amazing? Of course we support this project and are working closely with their developers. Solutions like Entertainment and "Away from Home" were built between diyHue and Hue Essentials. The good thing about this open source project is that you get lots of functionality because anybody can contribute.


Configure endless automation possibilities through the Tasker plugin.

Make it look like you are at home using 'Away from Home' (out of home control).

Communicate directly with your Hue bridge using the API debugger. View technical details of your Hue bridge and update its resources like lights and sensors.

You want it all?

Fast performance with ad-free experience. Purchase the premium version to unlock full content.⁴


Get Hue Essentials from Microsoft Store

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¹ IKEA TRÅDFRI - This gateway is only supported on Android. The iOS support for the IKEA TRÅDFRI will come in the future.
² Wear OS - Only smart watches running Wear OS by Google are supported. You can check if your watch is compatible when you can install Hue Essentials directly from Google Play Store on your watch. The in-app-purchase unlocks complications for your watch face. Other watches like Samsung Galaxy Watch are running TizenOS and are incompatible. Support for other watches may be added in the future.
³ Shortcuts on your home screen and Control Notification are Android specific features.
⁴ Premium unlocks many items like Entertainment, Effect creator, Widgets, Schedules, and Touchlink. Premium on Android also unlocks Automation, Control Notification, and Quick Settings Tiles. Please note that Multiple bridges, Wear OS, Effect Packages are not included and can be purchased separately.