Why can I not switch on the app?

Make sure you are connected to the bridge. Check that you are on the same Wi-Fi network.


Does Hue Essentials support multiple bridges?

Multiple bridges are supported. You can add them through "bridges".

Can I use my old bridge 1.0?

Yes, you can. Some features may not work as they require a newer firmware.

Do I need more than one bridge?

Please refer to the product specifications regarding limitations on the bridge. The number of lights, but also other internal resources on the bridge itself, can reach an upper limit. Too many lights will slow down your bridge. Adding an extra bridge in Hue Essentials, however, is relatively easy.


What is 'location'?

The location of your bridge is used for certain schedules. It determines the time of sunrise and sunset. Daylight sensitivity can be used for sensors and schedules. Location and offset can be used together. You can set this variable in your bridge settings.

What is 'offset'?

Offset is used in sunrise and sunset schedules. You can determine how many minutes earlier or later you want your schedule to respond. You can set this variable in your bridge settings. Example: Sunrise with 30 minutes offset means that the action commences 30 minutes after the sun rises.

What is a 'demo bridge'?

A virtual demo bridge which can show some features if you do not own a Philips Hue bridge. A real Philips Hue bridge is required for actual control of your lights.


Why are my Hue lights white when switched on?

Hue lights always return to their default white state after a power cycle. This is for safety issues like an emergency in your home. Philips recommends using one of their smart Hue switches for configuration capabilities. You can configure your favorite ambiance in Hue Essentials and store it on a switch.

Power-on behavior is only supported on Philips Hue lights. This feature requires the latest software update.

Why can I not set all colors?

Not all lights support all colors. Check the packaging whether your Hue light supports richer colors.

My light is unreachable.

A light is unreachable when it was powered off through a regular light switch (e.g. wall-mounted).

What Hue bulbs or lamps are available from Philips?

See Philips website:

The Hue bridge does not find my light.

The distance between your light and the bridge may be too far. All lights act as a signal repeater. Add a light in between to extend its range. You can enter the serial number (on the light bulb) for manual connection.

Where can I find the serial number of a light?

You can find this on the light itself. You need this in case your light was connected earlier to another bridge or included in a starter kit. Luminaires have their serial numbers either on the bottom of the luminaire or inside.

Rooms & groups


What is a room?

A room is literally a room that controls all lights within that area.

Can I add a light to multiple rooms?

A room features all lights of e.g. the living room. A light bulb can only be added to one room. A group combines a set of lights. You can add the same light bulb to multiple groups.


What is a group?

A group can be used to control only a few of the lights within an area.


What is a scene?

You can adjust your lights to your room in a certain ambiance. Set your lights to one of the included scenes or create your own. Imagine your own scenes and select your colors from a photo or manually.

How can I create scenes?

Use the floating + button to create them.

Why do not all lights give the same color within a scene?

This occurs when applying a scene that contains multiple colors within the photo.


Can I play multiple effects at the same time?

Yes, you can play them in different rooms or groups on the bridge(s). Reduce impact on the bridge(s) if you notice delays by decreasing the speed.


Photosensitive seizure warning

Certain individuals may experience discomfort when exposed to quick flashes/patterns of light.

Please refrain from using entertainment mode immediately if you feel any discomfort or have any known health conditions. Please consult a physician under those circumstances. Make sure your entertainment room is well-lit.

Hue Essentials cannot be held liable for any foreseeable, or unforeseeable, negative or harmful impact.

Disco / Dance sensation

Other apps that observe music (lyrics, visualization, etc) may interfere with Entertainment.

Smart controls

Hue motion sensor

My motion sensor switches on my lights during daytime.

Please check the light sensitivity of the motion sensor.

Third party

The Hue bridge does not find my light.

Use the touchlink option to pair your lights with the Hue bridge.

Can I control non-smart lamps?

Yes, you can use a ZigBee smart plug.


Osram Lightify Plug

Hue Essentials can switch on/off connected (non-smart) lights. There are several ways to connect your on/off plug. Press and hold the on/off button until it clicks. Now you can search for lights. If the Osram Lightify Plug is not recognized, then you should unplug it for 5 seconds, reconnect it for 5 seconds and repeat this 5 times. Now you can search for lights. Effects should only be started if lamps are connected to the Osram Lightify Plug.

Osram E27 Color

The light is cheaper than Philips Hue. Changing colors is unsteady. The light does not always respond in quick effects. We do not recommend these lights.



You can control TRÅDFRI. After you have set up your bulbs on the IKEA Gateway (see IKEA manual), wait until the firmware for the bulbs has been updated. Then remove the lights from the paired devices. Newer models may work without update.

Please switch on your new light. Switch off/on your light for six times very quickly. The light resets itself to full brightness. Switch off your light. Tap on search for lights. Switch on your light right now.

The color light only supports XY and not hue/saturation. Hue Essentials uses a special method to handle these lights. The light does not always respond in quick effects.

The light does not always respond in quick effects. The quality of this light is of less value.

TRÅDFRI remote control

Lights can get out of sync with the TRÅDFRI remote control. You can sync the lights by holding the on/off button for 5 seconds.



First put Hue Essentials in "Search for lights" mode. Then switch the Innr light off and on.

Innr E27 Color

The color gamut is quite good. The light is cheaper than Philips Hue. Innr E27 cannot change color directly between pink and orange; it shows a different transition using blue/green shortly. These lights are a good alternative.